Bernardo Oyarzún

Bernardo Oyarzún was born in Santiago de Chile in 1963

My artistic activity is linked to the popular context, marginal spaces and the esthetic congruencies emerging from there. It basically starts from the inclusion and collaboration of these territorial strata. The work that emerges from this process comes from diverse perceptions: domestic esthetics, empirical knowledge, self-taught inventiveness, knowledge transmission and critical visions about the place.My goal is to visualize and learn from this gestures and local synergies that constitute specific cultural constructions and sense of belonging, I identify with this, with the individual, with what I understand by original, primary and primitive. All the information in my work is rescued from these models underlying in the minuscule, the picturesque, the folklore, the craft, the mysterious, the mythological, the indigenous, that which relates locally, and therefore is a repetition of local esthetic relations dissonant from the hegemonic Art spaces.


Visual Artist. He received his Art degree at Universidad de Chile, and has held eighteen individual exhibitions in Chile and abroad, and thirty international exhibitions, including twelve Art Biennale. He has exhibited forty times in Chile. He has participated in six residencies: 2009 Stuttgart (Germany), 2010 Boston (USA), 210 Valparaíso (Chile), 2011 San Miguel de Misiones (Paraguay), 2011 Medellín (Colombia), 2009 Marseille (France). Awards and Grants: 2011 Premio Altazor (Chlle); 2008 Art Forum Competition, Harvard (USA); 2002 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007 Beca Fondart (Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Chile); 2002 Diaro El Mercurio, Primer Premio Artes y Letras, established artist category; among others. His works have been published in more than forty catalogues and art books, and can be found in three Art Colections: DAROS Latinoamércica, BLANTON MUSEUM and Consejo de la Cultura de Chile (CNCA).