Isidora Correa

Isidora Correa was born in Santiago de Chile in 1977

I like to think of the closeness of objects that are constantly founding our spaces : ahead, back, up and down, also inside us. In the reality of the visible they surround us so many times, that they become invisible in front of our eyes ; and in the darkness of our imagination, fantasy and desire, they capture us.

I usually get lost in the edge of landscape, and in the vacant state of that land, I accumulate elements thrown in time, and dispersed as residual fragments. I piece, gather, assembled and replicate that that could be found everywhere, but that can only be found as it is, in one particular place, as an index of a progression, as a sign of a material culture. I’m interested in how to intervine in the time of objects, creating a mark in its history and distorting its future archeology.


Visual Artist and Associate Professor at Universidad Diego Portales. B.A. in Visual Arts at Universidad Católica de Chile (2000) M.A. studies in Visual Arts at Universidad de Chile (2003-2004).


Selected Solo Exhibitions: Transición de Fase en Galería Patricia Ready (Santiago, 2015); Traducción Local, Sala de Arte CCU (Santiago, 2013); Línea Discontinua, Sala Gasco (Santiago, 2011); Reserva, Sala de Arte CCU (Santiago, 2009); Medidas Mínimas, Galería Gabriela Mistral (Santiago, 2006).


Selected Group Exhibitions: Territorios Fronterizos, Matucana 100 (Santiago, 2014); Historias del Objeto, Galería Gabriela Mistral (Santiago, 2013); Minimalismo Made in Chile, Centro Cultural Matucana 100 (Santiago, 2013), Operación Verdad o La Verdad de la Operación, Museo de la Solidaridad (Santiago, 2011); Chile Arte Extremo, Centro Cultural Las Condes (Santiago, 2011); Handle With Care, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Santiago, 2007); Haber, Museo de Artes Visuales (Santiago, 2007); Del otro lado, Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda (Santiago, 2006)


Residencies: Urra 6th version, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015; Air Glenfiddich, UK, 2014; Flora Ars Natura Bogotá, Colombia, 2013.


Grants, Prizes and Stipends: Altazor nominee, best exhibition of the year Línea Discontinua, 2012; 2nd prize Beca CCU, 2011, 1st prize Artes y letras contest, 2003. Fondart State Stipend for creation 2013, 2010 y 2006.


Art Fairs: Maco, México City, 2015; Art Lima, Perú, 2014-2015, Chaco, Santiago, Chile 2015-2009, Solo Project Arco, Focus Latinoamérica, Madrid, Spain, 2013; Swab, Barcelona, Spain 2012, Arte Ba, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009.


Publications: REVISTA 180, n 28, Articulo Línea Discontinua, Universidad Diego Portales, ISI Thomson Reuters (Arts & Humanities citation index), Santiago, 2011. Libro CHILE ARTE EXTREMO: Nuevas tendencias en el cambio de siglo, Editorial Calabaza del Diablo, 2011. Libro Las obras y sus relatos II, Sergio Rojas, Santiago: colección escritos de obras, ediciones departamento de artes visuales, Universidad de Chile, 2009. Libro Memorias Visuales, Adriana Valdés, Santiago: Ed. Metales Pesados, 2006.