Patricia Domínguez

Patricia Dominguez was born in Santiago de Chile in 1984

My work traces, modifies, and re-imagines the complex genealogy of relationships between humans and other living beings and the underlying subjective and historical processes at play in the construction of those relationships. I’m interested in the ways that what we call the “self” is actually an entangled commingling of relationships and beings we think of as separate.

I think of my work as visual anthropological research into the ways beings are seen and categorized and the ways our experience is shaped by images and subjectivities rather than objective facts. Through video, installation, drawing, plant collections, and public interventions, I imagine cohabitations of living beings and disrupt (mis) understandings based on fixed divisions.

My work creates relationships that in their absurdity open a space of indeterminacy that proposes new relationships, negotiations, possibilities, and even cosmologies. My recent video project, “Eres un Princeso,” for instance, investigates the relationships between Colombian narco-traffickers, their trophy horses, and the child workers who care for them, revealing the colonialist roots of these horse-human relationships and showing the violence inherent in everyday actions.


Patricia Dominguez. B. (Santiago, Chile 1984). She earned her MFA from Hunter College, New York 2013. Dominguez had exhibited her projects at El Museo del Barrio (New York), Bronx Museum (New York), Centro Matadero (Madrid), YAP MoMA PS1 + Constructo (Chile) The Watermill Center (New York), FLORA ars + natura (Colombia), Gabriela Mistral Gallery (Chile), Matucana 100 (Chile), Museo Arte Contemporáneo MAC (Chile), 11va Bienal de Artes Mediales in Museo Bellas Arts (Chile) and Marte Museum (El Salvador) among others. She has been an artist in residency at Centro Matadero (Madrid 2015) AIM Bronx Museum (New York 2014), R.A.T (México 2014), FLORA ars + natura (Colombia 2013), The Institute of Critical Zoologists (Singapore 2012), Sandarbh Residency (India 2012), and American Museum of Natural History (New York 2011). Her work has been included in publications such as “Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory” by The New Museum and PHAIDON Press. She recently awarded the 2d Prize Beca CCU 2015, 1 Mención Honrosa Chaco y Finlandia 2015, Media Art Prize of Fundación Telefónica 2014, 3r Norberto Griffa Prize 2014, William Graft Travel Grant 2012, CONICYT Graduate Scholarship 2011 and and Fondart Grants on 2013 and 2010. She is currently working for her solo shows at Solo Projects ARCO 2016, Pizzuti Museum 2016 and Patricia Ready Gallery 2016.