Paula Anguita

Paula Anguita was born in Santiago de Chile in 1978

My artistic research is focused on the analysis of the relationship between reality and illusion, understood as dynamic perceptual categories in permanent tension. My work seeks to question the limit between both dimensions, through the construction of visual experiences that test the integrity of the perceived image, generating a certain “perceptual dislocation”, integrating the spectator as an active part of the visual experience.

This purpose is achieved by the use of different formats and media, whose main feature is determined by the use of elements that distort the linear and direct relationship between perceived-object and observer-subject, opening an expanded perceptual field which questions the limits between reality and virtuality, the visible and the occult.


Visual Artist, Bachelor in Arts from Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago, Chile (2000), Magister in Visual Arts, Universidad de Chile (2012). Studies on Graphic Arts in Quasar Institute, Rome (2004). Currently lives in Berlin, where she is carrying out a Master in Surfaces Design in Kunsthochschule Weißensee (2015). Among her most important individual exhibitions: Analgesia in Patricia Ready Gallery (2011), Pliegues in MAC Contemporary Art Museum, Valdivia (2010), Ibidem, Aquí Mismo in Animal Gallery (2010). Has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions; Babylon in Wendt+Friedmann Gallerie, Berlin (2013), Absolut Illusion Vodka in AMS Marlborough Gallery (2011), Dittborn Atelier Exhibition in D21 Gallery (2008), among others. And has been present in several Art Fairs; Art Lima, Perú (2013), Art Miami (2012), Slick Art Fair, Paris (2013), Beijing Art Biennale, China (2009).