Andrea Silva

Sala Gráfica Galería Patricia Ready

Opening Night: July 18th at 19.30 hrs

On view from July 20th to August 24th

Guided visit with the artist on August 6th at 12.30 hrs

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In her debut exhibition at Patricia Ready Gallery Andrea Silva will present “Adentro” (Inside), a show placed between art installation and sculpture. Sala Gráfica will display a group of houses with transparent walls made of plastic materials (acrylic or PVC) and black drawings.

From the beginning this young artist who studied at Universidad Finis Terrae has repeated organic forms such as eggs, seeds and cells in her artworks. For her these figures refer to the concept of origin. In this exhibition, these forms represent the first place of formation for all individuals; the house. These organic shapes inside the houses are exposed through the transparent walls that contain them. Silva´s artworks invite us to reflect about what occurs inside this intimate space. What is inside everyone’s house?

The show includes three large format artworks between 3 and 3.20 sq m in height and a couple of small format illustrations. The art installation consists of transparent acrylics, transparent and flexible PVC and 7mm diameter transparent hoses. In addition, pumps and industrial fans move the fluids of the sculptures. The transparency of the plastic shows the intense red colour of the fluids that circulate inside the sculptures and the black colour of the containers between the hoses and the nails. This transparency invites us to see what is inside the house and reflect on the intimate space.


She currently lives and works in Santiago de Chile. She received a Bachelor of Arts majoring in sculpture at University Finis Terrae (2001-04). She has received invitations to participate with her works in various exhibitions, both individual and collective. Silva’s works have been included in Colosos-Escultura Contemporánea Centro Cultural M100 /2014, Concurso de Arte Joven Museo Artes Visuales (MAVI) /2012, Confluencias /2012 – Cristal en el Arte /2012 – Analogía de los contrarios /2011, Sala de Arte CCU y Feria Ch.ACO /2010. In 2011 she also received the distinction of the Association of Art Critics (A.I.C.A.) and the first prize Puma Canvas, exhibiting her work in Puma Lab located in the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM ). She is currently working as an academic assistant in the sculpture area of the Faculty of Arts at Universidad Finis Terrae, while also working on her sculpturic creations.

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