Los Ojos Serán Lo Último En Pixelarse

Patricia Dominguez

Sala Principal Galería Patricia Ready

Opening Night: July 19th at 19.30 hrs

On view from July 20th to August 24th

Guided visit by the artist on August 6th at 12.00 hrs




In her first exhibition with Galeria Patricia Ready, Patricia Dominguez presents the video installation “Eyes will be the last to pixelate”, a work created in the artistic residencies “El Ranchito” – Centro Matadero (Madrid) and Centro Cultural España (Santiago). The installation includes a large-scale video projection, a mural, ceramics, wooden screens, objects and a calendar with photographs taken during the creative process.

Patricia Domínguez received a BFA from Universidad Católica and a MFA from Hunter College in NY where she also took several courses on botanical illustration. From the beginning of her career she has shown great interest in nature and has developed her practice exploring the connections between culture and the living.

The horse – an element used by Dominguez in previous works (“Eres un princeso” series), is explored in this video installation. It is a metaphor of the progressive modification that nature has suffered when it is captured by culture. “Eyes will be the last to pixelate” shows how our world is translated by the reality of pixels.

In this exhibition, Dominguez tracks down the figure of the horse in America from its roots with the Spanish conquerors until today. Dominguez research presents the transference of the conqueror image and his horse. From a dominant figure, that shaped American territory as he desired, to the use of the horse today in the equestrian world. In the main equestrian schools in Spain and Chile, horses are taught to perform complex movements that are not natural to them. In the instalation video, the artist shows a horse that represents the last living horse in the world. This horse is tranferred to the digital world through a vacuum cleaner that captures all its details.


Patricia Dominguez (Santiago, Chile, 1984) is an artist and naturalist. She studied a Masters in Studio Art MFA at Hunter College New York (2013), a Certificate in Botany illustration and Natural Sciences at the New York Botanical Garden (2011) and a Bachelor of Arts at Universidad Catolica de Chile (2007). Her main projects have been presented at Pizzuti Museum (US), Solo Projects Focus Latin America at Arco Madrid (ES). El Museo del Barrio (NY), Bronx Museum (NY), Mars (El Salvador) Museum, Matadero Centre (Madrid), FLORA ars + natura (Bogota), YAP MoMA PS1 + Construct (Chile), Gallery Gabriela Mistral (Chile) , The Watermill Center (NY), MAC Quinta Normal (Chile), Museum of Fine Arts (Chile), among others. She has participated in residencies such as “Slaughterhouse, Centre for Contemporary Creation” Madrid (2015), “AIM Program” Bronx Museum New York (2014), RAT Mexico (2014), Residence Tennis Santiago Chile (2014), “FLORA ars + natura” Colombia (2013), “Institute of Critical zoologists” Singapore (2012), Sandbard Residency “India (2012),” The Watermill Center “New York (2012) and” American Museum of Natural History “New York (2012). Her work has been included in publications such as “Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory” by the New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Phaidon editorial, and “Sub 30, Painting Chile”, among others. She has obtained Fondart scholarships 2010 + 2013 + 2014 , CONICYT 2010 scholarship, and William Graf travel grant 2012. She was recently awarded the 2nd Place in the CCU scholarship ( 2015) , 1st Honorable Mention Contest Between Chaco and Finland (2015 ). She won the media art contest of Telefonica Foundation of Venezuela ( 2014) and she won the 3rd Prize Norberto Griffa for the the Latin American creation at the Movement Biennial ( 2014).

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