Arte +

Arte + Cultural Corporation is a private, non-profit organization. Its objective is the promotion and dissemination of art and culture in all its manifestations.

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Its headquarters are located at Patricia Ready Gallery, which provides the necessary infrastructure to develop its projects. Its main objectives are to support emerging visual artists and to promote art and culture to the community with the purpose of contributing to and improving their quality of life. Further, the Corporation also manages and develops excellent art activities and helps to establish networks with individuals and companies as well as public and private institutions. In short, the Corporation seeks to be an engine for development and proliferation of art and culture.

In the interest of supporting emerging visual arts talents, the Arte + Cultural Corporation grants scholarships to its artists and exhibits their artworks through the most important biennals, art fairs, and other high level art shows. The corporation also contributes with the production of artist`s exhibition catalogues which are distributed for free to the public, schools, and universities. In addition, Arte + assists with the publication of art and culture books.


La Panera


Our monthly publication, on paper, about all the areas related to arts and culture, with special emphasis on visual arts, cinema, literature, music, opera, ballet, theater, heritage, cultural management, technology, native people and green culture.

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