Javier Toro Blum

Javier Toro Blum was born in Santiago de Chile  in 1983


My focus is on the production of works that generate relationships rather than final results, opening the object to the interaciton with its physical and cultural environment to create an symbiotic dialog between both of them.

I’m interested in a cross between the rational forms and the organic befall, where the geometric and the formal are in service to contain ephemeral relationships: transient lighting visions, eventual social dynamics or organic and entrophic materials; this results in structures that try, unsuccessfully, to retain the passage of time, but ultimately survive in their attempt activating the present through their silent performances.

Also I have a particular interest in architecture and in particular for the way in which the works are installed and have the capacity of altering the space, mediating perception. This is open to the question of how a body of work that is primarily formal and phenomenological is able to permeate the cultural and the human. Thus an interest in the subjective appears, and consequently the need for a conjugation between the observer, the work and the architecture.

Formally my interest comes from a language linked to minimalism and the production tools taken from the industrial design. This last characteristic becomes central in mywork, where a direct dialog with the notion of design as interface appears.

Beyond creating works that are a point of arrival I want to create settings that are the starting point for generating subjective perceptual experiences, connected with the social dynamics of the project location.


BA in Fine Arts in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and MA in Sculpture in the Royal College of Art, London.

His work explores the visual perception and phenomenology of space and its subsequent emotional and psychological implications.

He has received the fellowships Beca Chile para Magister, Beca Fundación Arte + and the Beca Fundación Pablo Neruda. He has been awarded with the Land Securities Award for his MA work at the Royal College and Honorable Mention in the Ch.ACO y Finlandia art Prize and Transparentarte prize. He has won twice the National fund for the Arts in Chile (FONDART).

He has exhibited the solo shows Ingmar in Galería Concreta, Matucana 100 and No pasado No Presente No futuro in Galería Patricia Ready. Among his collective exhibitions are 21st Century Art and Design – RCA 2013 in Christie’s London, Muse in Lempertz Berlin, RCA Show 2013 in the Royal College of Art, Paradise in the Salon del Mobile of Milán, Luz Sur in the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Valdivia and Fisura in the Museo de la Solidaridad de Salvador Allende, among others.

His work is part of the collection of the Royal College of Art and the Council for Transparency of the Chilean Government, also is part of private collections in Chile, Germany, United Kingdom and Perú.