PATRICIA READY has the longest trajectory directing art galleries in Chile. She initiated her career in the early 1980s with “Galería Actual” at the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro, and has continued with this profession uninterruptedly.

The main objective of Galería Patricia Ready has been to spread the work of artists of different generations, both emerging and established, from Chile as from other latin american countries.

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La Galería

Galería Patricia Ready has an exhibition program designed to promote the work of contemporary artists. With critical projects and a solid conceptual ground, its artists reflect society through the great diversity of current artistic practices.

The gallery has an open curatorial line, offering its space to young artists as well as to those who have already conquered a space in the national and international scene. Therefore, it is prepared for the exhibition of experimentation, conceptual art, photography, video art, digital art, installations and performances, and also for the more traditional medias as painting, sculpture and print.

The current space in Vitacura opened in May 2008 and was developed by the architects Luis Izquierdo, Antonia Lehman, Mauricio Léniz and Mirene Elton.

The Sala Principal has 500 m2, the Sala Gráfica has 100 m2.

The gallery also has a restaurant, a small bookshop and an auditorium for 100 people.


Sala Principal: The Sala Principal was made to receive large-scale works, such as paintings, installations, sculpture, among others. This space is conceived to give the artist complete freedom in its intervention.

Sala Gráfica: This was meant for smaller works, as graphic pieces, photography, drawing, etc. Since these need a more intimate space for their reception.

Auditórium: The auditorium has 100 seats, and was built as a space for lectures, conferences, seminars, music concerts, etc. It has the equipment for simultaneous translation. Another objective of this space is to exhibit video-art pieces, a discipline that counts with few spaces for diffusion in our country, and it is also meant to show videos, films, etc.

Sala Arte+: Located in the undeground.

Gallery Plans

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